She Geeks Out

This is the story behind She Geeks Out, a company that hosts community events and works with companies to make diversity and inclusion a priority

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Codemoji is an online edtech platform trying to teach students to learn to code using emojis. Instead of being deterred by confusing syntax and other high level problems, Codemoji offers a way for students to learn the concepts, gain interest, and build confidence in their abilities.

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Worksense is a culture intelligence service focused on helping tech companies meet their diversity goals through strategic hires and workplace culture overhauls.

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Strava is a social media platform for athletes that allows its users to track and share their workouts with others.

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Airbnb is one of the original pioneers of the modern gig-economy. The home-sharing company allows people to connect all across the globe and create new experiences

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FutureFuel offers a modern, mobile, millennial centric experience through their platform that empowers employers and partners to work together to crush student loan debt.

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TidyChoice is a domestic services startup based in London, England that focuses on connecting customers to local cleaners and housekeepers.

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Gigster is a platform that helps businesses turn their ideas into reality using a freelance based business model with hand-vetted engineers.

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Ring is the leader in video doorbells and allows users to answer the door using their smartphone. The company’s main goal is to reduce crime in neighborhoods.

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23andMe is one of the leading direct-to-consumer genetic testing providers in the world, giving anyone the chance to uncover their ancestry and genetic health.

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QMS Consulting

Quintessential Management Solutions is a leading learning and development solutions provider, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that develop professionals at all levels from individuals and managers to C-level executives.

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