Seeing the Big Picture

If you think you’re going crazy because you’re noticing less content being published on our platform, you’re not. Recently, the team and I have been preoccupied with our school work and college applications. But amidst all the chaotic stressors, I’ve managed to make a few interesting observations along the way.

As each new week brings me more work to stress over, I’m amazed at how nearsighted my life becomes. In the days preceding assignments, I’m constantly triaging which of my classes needs my attention and which assignments can be distributed over a period of multiple days. However, after each due date passes and exam is taken, my focus is onto the next assignment- it’s as if those recent short-term worries never existed. I’m too busy obsessing over the next hurdle to think about anything else. 

After a few more months of these observations, my fixations on the little things have made one thing clear: it’s hard, yet beneficial to see the bigger picture. As a senior applying to college, I know that I can reduce the stress of the college application process by recognizing the impact my future college will have on my life- it’s not a make-or-break factor for success. The benefit of seeing the bigger picture can also be applied to other areas of our lives. To produce the many stories that you see on our website, the first step is always landing an interview. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done; it can take up to 5-10 rejections to our interview requests before we meet an entrepreneur willing to interview. To get us through the constant rejection, we simply ignore it- our focus is fixated on interviewing those who say “yes.” After talking with many successful entrepreneurs, I’ve also noticed that a common trend among them: they all see the bigger picture. They outsource tasks when their time is better spent on more important priorities and are always making business decisions based off of their central vision.

While we shouldn’t ignore short-term tasks, we also shouldn’t let them become short-lived stars that our lives revolve around. When we encounter hectic times in our lives, it can help to step back and view everything from the big picture.