Treehouse Branches Toward Diversity Initiatives

Over the past two years, we have been busy at work talking to and writing about companies and the stories behind them. However, stories are time-sensitive, and as time goes on, it is important to look back and check in on where they are now, and what they have accomplished.

One of the first people we ever interviewed, almost two years ago, was the founder of Treehouse, Ryan Carson. If you’ve read the story, you may recall that Treehouse is an online platform focused on teaching beginner students how to code and set them on the right path toward software engineering (if you haven’t already read the story, you can check it out here). 

Within the past two years, new developments have changed Treehouse and the online courseware industry as a whole. A push for greater diversity in the tech industry has caused Treehouse to double down on its efforts to promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), and make it a key priority. 

In an article written last year, Ryan talks extensively about how Treehouse has been focusing on expanding its reach to minorities and women, whom have been severely underrepresented in the tech industry. To address this problem, Treehouse created a pilot program with a local Boys and Girls Club in Portland, Oregon, and took a select group of students, enrolling them in Treehouse online programs and mentoring them along the way. The pilot program turned out to be a success and has caused executives from other companies to reach out to them. Many of these companies are big names too– companies such as Airbnb, Nike and Adobe have hired Treehouse to cultivate talent and promote EDI in their own work culture.

Compared to the Treehouse of two years ago, the Treehouse of today has evolved from simply being an online course provider to one that actively seeks to change the face of the tech industry to something much more diverse. We can’t wait to see where they go next.