Why Stories

Everyone has a different life story. Things happen rapidly for someone, and things move slowly for others.

Barun Sobti

So we decided to add a new section to the website that covers a bit more than just your standard “Business Knowledge” or “Story” post. We wanted you to see a little bit more into our lives here at Businesses With Stories, how we create each of our articles, and some of the other tidbits that we’re interested in sharing whether that be a post that we found interesting or an anecdote that we wanted to explore.

This new section is our blog.

As the title suggests, today I will be talking about why we started with stories. This is going to be the first part in a longer installment about how I got started with this website and my journey as well as an explanation for my fascination with the concept of storytelling. I would like to start with a short explanation for why I personally find stories so interesting.

I grew up reading fairytales.

In fact most children probably grew up reading or hearing some variation of Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and Rapunzel, and almost everyone reminisces at those stories fondly as if they were old pictures stored in a time capsule nestled in our past. Because I loved these stories so much, I began to read more and more of them, graduating on to fantasy literature, realistic fiction, young adult novels, and more. As my love for these intricate stories grew, I also began to write when I could.

Whenever I had an idea, I would put it down on my list of story ideas to write about and I was always working through the list. There was something just so visceral about stories. They could capture our attention, hooking us in and making us care as much about the characters and their highs-and-lows as we did ourselves. In other words, stories creating a powerful outlet for the creativity within while also inspiring.

And that’s why I decided to focus on stories. Sure, I care about how companies are run. I care about the product development cycles. I care about how to obtain venture capital funding. But most of all, I care about the character traits that make great entrepreneurs, well, great.

And I’ve always wanted to share that.