Committing Yourself to Consistency

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I admit it.

I haven’t posted much in July (or really even during the coronavirus pandemic has a whole). I could probably blame multiple factors for my remarkably lethargic output, but those would just be excuses.

The truth is I’ve lost consistency. The less you post, the less you feel like posting. Although you might come out with a well-researched article every few weeks, it’s not what you committed yourself to do.

So I’m going to make a public commitment to post more often.

Of course this is just a blog post, but I’m human after all. I need to start somewhere, right? I have a couple stories I’m excited to publish in the coming weeks. And for now, I commit to post a new blog post every single day.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite new tools, mini stories from running my own startup, and exclusive interview content that I didn’t release alongside some of the article that I published.

And I hope you all will come along with me on this new journey.