Interview With Parsec

Recently, we were able to interview Parsec Gaming, a key player in the gaming industry.

Cloud gaming is a revolutionary concept. What made you decide to create Parsec? In other words, what’s the story behind Parsec?

We started Parsec because we believed that game streaming has the potential to unlock entertainment from expensive hardware. Consoles and gaming PCs are expensive and at times prohibitive to gamers having the opportunity to play their games. With game streaming technology, games can be played anywhere, on any screen. We believe that the time for game streaming has come with the increasing availability of high bandwidth connections and hardware geared toward low latency streaming. We also think that there is more to game streaming than “cloud gaming.” Our approach is a bit different. We’re focused on enabling friends to play games together and unique experiences that are only possible through game streaming. One day, game developers will create games for cloud gaming, but today, cloud gaming is all about distributing the same games in a different way. At Parsec, we’re building unique experiences, like Party Finder and online multiplayer games via game streaming.

Since cloud gaming is still relatively young, where do you see cloud based gaming in 10 years from now?

All data and content wants to be streamed. Gaming is no different. I believe there will be new experiences that the creative minds behind games will deliver through game streaming technology. I can’t pretend to have the ideas for the games, but I do think we’ll see more tie-ins with movies and TV as well as access to new experiences powered by game streaming technology. Imagine watching Rogue One and finishing the movie in a game rather than watching the final scene – this is possible through game streaming because you could just click a button and start playing the end of the movie. We don’t think you’ll see a huge content bundle, like you see in Netflix, because people consume games differently, but the original content creators (EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard/Activision, Microsoft, etc…) will have a leg up because you’ll subscribe to access their content directly through streaming.

Compared to a gaming computer or console, how do you think cloud gaming stacks up against them? Like in terms of price, lag, experience, quality, etc?

Gaming is definitely better on local hardware – it always will be. That’s why you need unique experiences powered by the new technology rather than just some different distribution method for your current games.

From browsing your website, it seems like cloud gaming is a user friendly process. Is it really that easy to use?

Streaming games from the cloud has the potential to make gaming a very easy and friendly process. I don’t think it’s there yet, however. When you think about the steps included in playing a game on a PC, there’s a lot to jump through.

  1. You have to buy or build a gaming PC.
  2. You have to download a store like Steam or Blizzard.
  3. You have to download a huge file to your computer, which can take hours.
  4. Then you get to play.

With cloud gaming, the potential is there to just jump to step 4 if the cloud gaming companies provides direct access to games.

And lastly, what has been the biggest hurdle that you had to get through while starting/running Parsec? What advice do you have for others with ideas that are far ahead of their time, and can revolutionize an industry?

The biggest hurdle is just getting started. As long as you move one step at a time and prioritize the experiences that will delight users, you’ll build something. The building something day in and day out for months without much feedback from users at the start is really difficult and can challenge your mental state a lot. You have to just keep pushing forward. The most important thing as an entrepreneur, in my opinion, is persistence. We’re nowhere near achieving our goals or reaching any level of success, so I wouldn’t dare offer advice to others. The only thing I can suggest is to keep pushing forward no matter how discouraging things can be.

If you want to learn more about Parsec, you can find their website here. To read our last article with Gigster founder, Roger Dickey, go to this link. If you’re interested in the most recent business secrets, check out our latest Business Knowledge page.
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