A Note On Publishing…

If you’ve been following our blog for long enough, you will know that sometimes our posting schedule can get erratic. From the outside, it may seem a bit strange, but I (and the other writers here) am still a high schooler. It can be tough to get the energy to finish school work, prepare for competitions, do practice standardized tests, and more and still have a completely consistent publishing schedule.

We’re working on it though.

Our goal is to get quality content out to you as much as we can within our bounds. What does that mean? Expect long form posts on Thursdays and Sundays. Every other Sunday (and occasionally every Sunday) we’ll be publishing a business story. It’s tough work, but I love it.

Sometimes we may come out with content late, but that’s more because we wanted to refine the article until it popped rather because we were lazy. If you have any suggestions, contact us and we’ll definitely try to get on it.

As of now, we have some special posts coming up that we’re excited to share. Keep your eyes peeled!