The Catharsis of Blogging

When I first started Businesses With Stories, I never thought that I would get into blog writing. My original goal was simple: interview CEOs and Founders, write about their incredible stories, and share them with as many people as possible. However, as time went on. my motivations began to adapt. I saw that I had a platform where I could not only share other people’s business stories, but my own experiences and the path I took to get there. In other words, I wanted to add a personal twist to my website.

Surprisingly, I found that writing blog posts could be as fun if not more so than building a digestible backstory for someone else. Don’t get me wrong; writing stories is still my main focus and something that I love to do, but I found that when I was writing blog posts it was surprisingly cathartic. What is catharsis, you may ask?

Catharsis: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Blogging provided an outlet for all the things I wanted to talk about in my daily life but never had the chance to. These were things like “what were some of the ways I learned to become more productive.” Or they were “how I came upon the idea of building this site.” Journaling was a powerful tool that I had already used (and our team member Arthur wrote a fantastic article about Bullet Journaling), but by publishing it, I was able to release my thoughts out. To me, it felt like I cold be heard, even if someone wasn’t necessarily reading the piece. It was satisfying enough to know that if someone were diligent enough with their searching, they could find it on some forgotten corner of Google. 

The process of writing about myself has been especially important in recent weeks as my schedule has grown more hectic and my ability to publish consistently has (somewhat) fallen behind. I’m caught up in AP tests right now, I’m dealing with a difficult extracurricular situation, and I’m going out of my comfort zone in some social areas. Through this, communicating my sometimes jumbled thoughts to the clean expanse of paper helps bring order to the inevitable randomness of existence. It’s tough, but it’s rewarding.

Why could blogging be useful for you though? You don’t have to have a complex website to blog. You don’t really even need a website. All you need is the ability to write. It’s that simple. And when you begin to write about yourself, it might start off as a bit difficult. We’re so used to observing and thinking about others that we often times don’t give ourselves enough time to reflect and question ourselves. Think deeply. Write slowly. Forget about writing something good, just put our ideas down onto paper.

If you want a good list of prompts to write about, the New York Times has a wonderful list of them. A few of my favorites are:

  1. What are your secret survival strategies?
  2. What makes you happy? 
  3. How do you deal with boredom?
  4. If you had your own talk show, whom would you want to interview?

Blogging is a process of self discovery, so give it some time and care. Learn to write about anything you want without fear of what others think. Write for yourself. Write to release.