Investor Advice with Mark Cuban


Recently, we got the opportunity to interview multi billionaire investor and businessman Mark Cuban!

1. In a previous interview, you talked about how you most admire your father, and he influenced you to have fun at every age and to treat people with respect. What are some examples of how these lessons have impacted your business decision-making?

I’ve learned I can be more effective when I’m nice.  He set an amazing example with how he treated everyone.  It took me some time.  But I figured out why he was right and benefitted

2. What is one interesting fact that is not well known about your business career?

When I was a programmer I would sit in from of a computer with a bucket of KFC and program and eat for 24 straight hours 😉

3. When you started your first business, MicroSolutions, how did you learn/figure out how to structure your day and how has it been optimized through the years?

All of my focus was on creating sales and then as I got customers I put making them happy first and everything else was about selling

4. You mention “sales cures all” a lot. What steps can entrepreneurs take to practice their sales skills and gain valuable insights into how to get better?

Find a product, any product that you believe in, and go out and sell it.
It can be programming people’s Alexa for 20 bucks an hour or selling shoelaces in school colors to your friends

5. If you were the sole employee at your company and you only had enough money to hire three people, what would they be doing and why?



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