Are You Prioritizing

I recently watched a fantastic video on minimalist Matt D’Avella’s channel about the pursuit of what truly matters in your life and learning to say no when necessary.

It’s fantastic to look at when you have time, but one of the things that jumped out to me was when they talked about prioritizing the parts of your life that matter.

It’s difficult for many to say no when people ask us to do things, but we say no all the time. Everytime we’re watching Netflix or blowing off a commitment, we’re saying no to that thing. We just have to learn how to use that skill more explicitly.

These days, prioritization has become a pressing issue. Besides running Businesses With Stories, I have to maintain a good GPA, manage all my other extracurriculars, and still get a consistent exercise schedule to stay healthy. That’s why I’ve made it my goal to say no, even if it hurts.

In reality, we have a limited amount of time and in order to enjoy our lives and live with meaning, we need to figure out what truly matters.

For me, it’s my health, my family and relationships, my grades, Businesses With Stories, and then lastly my other extracurriculars.

What matters to you?