We Just Hit 53 (And other BWS Milestones)

Founder Milestone

I’m happy to announce that Businesses With Stories officially hit 53 CEO/Founder interviews! This was a huge milestone for the team and we’re excited to hit 100 in 2020. Many of these stories are in the queue to be published, but don’t worry, they’ll be out soon. Within the past few years, we’ve worked hard to get fresh founder stories, interviews, and more to you, and we’re going to pick up our pace!

Businesses With Story’s First Book

I’ve recently released a book with all our content and exclusive additions updating every 3 months. To make this book accessible, I charged the lowest Amazon price possible at $0.99 and if you contact us, I’ll send you the book for free.

Town Workshops

We recently held our first town workshop. This was immensely rewarding as I got to work one-on-one with others to build their blog ideas, explore niche communities, and craft their cold email templates.

We’ll be back with more updates and stories soon!